FM Raymond Song takes sole lead in 2019 Sydney International Open

FM Raymond Song (Photo by New Zealand Chess News)

FM Raymond Song has taken the sole lead of the Sydney International Open by being the only player to score 4/4. He has continued his excellent form after coming outright second and gaining his first Grandmaster norm (and International Master norm!) at the 2019 O2C Doeberl Cup held in Canberra.

Leading SIO Scores after 4 Rounds:

FM Song 4/4

GM Kunte, GM Fernandez, FM Puccini, FM Gong, IM Ikeda 3.5/4

IM McClymont, IM Lane, IM Rout 3/4

In the Challengers, Jack Keating has taken the sole lead on 4/4. He is being chased by four players including the second seed CM Adrian Chek.

Leading SIC Scores after 4 Rounds:

Keating 4/4

CM Chek, Yaqoob, Gaurav, R. Lane 3.5/4

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