13 April (Monday)SIO and SIC Entries closeMidnight
14 April (Tuesday)Sydney International Blitz Registrations6:00-6:45pm
Sydney International Blitz7pm
SIO and SIC Round 1 Pairings PublishedBefore 10pm
15 April (Wednesday)Opening Ceremony9:15 am
Round 110:00 am
Round 22:30pm
16 April (Thursday)Round 310:00 am
Round 42:30 pm
17 April (Friday)Round 510:00 am
Round 62:30 pm
18 April (Saturday)Macquarie University Junior Rapidplay Entries Close9am
Macquarie University Junior Rapidplay Rounds 1-99:30 am - 5pm (approx)
Macquarie University Junior Rapidplay Prize-giving4:30 pm
SIO/SIC Round 710 am
SIO/SIC Round 82:30 pm
19 April (Sunday)Round 910 am
Prize-giving2:30 pm approx